2X Multiplier
2x Multiplier
A 2X Multiplier on the tracks
Name 2X Multiplier
Abilities Doubles the score multiplier for a limited time
Special Doubles all points collected for a limited time

The 2X Multiplier is a power-up in Subway Surfers. When picked up, the score multiplier is doubled, allowing the player to get twice the amount of points in a specific periox of time. So, if the score multiplier is X5, it will be X10 when the power-up is picked up.


  • With this, plus the Score Booster and the Hot Rod board or the Daredevil board, scores can increase at insanely high speeds.
  • The 2X Multiplier, the Score Booster and the missions are the only mechanics in the game that can affect the score multiplier.
  • Strangely, the icon of the 2x multiplier is written as '2x', while the one to be collected on the tracks is written as 'x2'.
  • When collected, the multiplier turns green.
  • This and the Score Booster are the only power-ups to not be seen held by the player's character when used, which is probably because it can't really be held.


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