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  • DrEggman1026
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  • DrEggman1026

    All Limited Hoverboards

    September 29, 2018 by DrEggman1026
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  • I Am MonkeyBoy

    Is there anyone else here who's excited for more episodes? Because I know I am. It is the best online animated show I've seen in my 17 year old life. What makes it so good is the style of the show. When I say style, I mean the design of the characters, the backgrounds, and etc. The greatest thing about it is the fact that it's based on my favorite app game.

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  • DrEggman1026

    A lot of my users asked me how they can get limited characters, so here's the guide!

    Usually the quickest and fastest way you can unlock limited characters is by participating in the Wordy Weekend event, even when you're not in the character's edition. Limited characters include:

    Tony, Carmen, Roberto, Kim, Harumi, Nick, Coco, Sun, Alex, Eddy, Jay, Mina, Rosa, Olivia, Edison, Wayne, Jasmine, Noon, Rex, Izzy, Amira, Marco, Nikos, Zuri, Mike, Jenny, Jaro, Aina, Carlos, Jia, Bjarki, Ramona, Lauren, Malik, Jolien, Zombie Jake (Halloween only), Buddy (Christmas only), Elf Tricky (Christmas only)

    The quickest and fastest way to unlock limited characters besides Wordy Weekend. Dates will be published soon, just be patient. ;) BTW make sure that some…

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  • HammerBro101

    What's up, guys! I'm HammerBro101 here, and I'm going to start up the Subway Surfers Socially Awkward vs Average vs Awesome series.

    This series will involve at least three Subway Surfers characters doing something, and something good, bad, or neutral will happen. Sometimes, Socially Awful and Socially Amazing will join the pack. Rarely, there will also be Socially Mediocre, Socially Questionable, Socially Extreme, and Socially Excellent.

    The characters will vary in some episodes, but the characters will usually be Jolien, Marco, and Mina.

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  • DrEggman1026
    1. Proofread existing articles for any grammatical or format-related issues (LOW priority).
    2. Replace "you" with "the player". (HIGH priority)
    3. Upload missing images for the characters, boards, updates, and weekly hunt tokens pages.' (MEDIUM to HIGH priority)
    4. Expand article stubs like Phantom, Bass Blaster.
    5. Re-format the main SS page (requires admin rank or page unprotection).
    6. Add infobox to all character and board pages (HIGH priority).
    7. Add soundtracks to editions like Hawaii 2017, Miami 2017, etc.
    8. Upload trailers for each edition.
    9. Bring the Version History page up-to-date (HIGH priority).
    10. Create a sub-category for each year. (LOW to MEDIUM priority).
    11. Add GIFs showing character idles. (HIGH priority).
    12. Create the Unused and Reworked content page.
    13. Add missi…
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  • SubwayIzziSurf7


    June 20, 2018 by SubwayIzziSurf7

    Ok so I forgot to write my blog post for yesterday but I’ll start trying to keep track

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! Sorry I’m just super excited today. So what are you guys doing for Fathers Day?

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    Reck it Ralph 2

    June 16, 2018 by SubwayIzziSurf7

    Ok who is exited for the new Reck it Ralph movie? I am! I really want to see it the day it comes out. Also the movie theater where I live shows the movie the night before it actually comes out which is sweet. IM VERY EXCITED!!!

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    Okay guess what? I joined another Wiki. It's called Animal Jam Play Wild since I really like the game.

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    Okay, so I forgot to collect my Skater Stickers and I only collected 17! That is very sad for me because I was stupid and spent all my time doing "other things" that are NOT playing Subway Surfers. That is THE MOST stupidest idea EVER!!! And I never got my super mistery box...😭😭😭

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    Okay hi everyone!!! Just to let you know I will be posting blogs EVERY DAY! So today I'm really exited because tonight I'm gonna try to start a live chat. I don't know if it's gonna work, but hopefully. So if you have an questions ask me!

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  • SubwayIzziSurf7

    Hey, this is my first blog post! I'm Izzi and I wanted to tell you why I joined this Wiki! Well first, because I love Subway Surfers. How do you like the new update? I love it. I've already unlocked Dylan, Boombot, and Renegade. So anyway, before I joined, I was on this Wiki a lot and saw that a lot of people made edits, but there was still mistakes. I wanted to fix them, so I created my account. I hope you are happy I joined! I really hope you and me can make this Wiki better! 😁

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  • Applemasterexpert


    June 5, 2018 by Applemasterexpert

    Score on Subway Surfers tells you how much point you received while playing. The more longer you played, the higher your score is. Score is located next to the multiplier on the right. The score starts slow at the beginning of the game, but gets faster because your character runs faster if he/she keeps running during the game on one run. However, you can increase the rate of the score by completing missions. The first time you were downloading Subway Surfers, you should have x1 as your multiplier. As you keep completing missions, you will see that the speed of the score increases rapidly. The highest multiplier that you can receive is x30. After that, there are still missions; you will earn a Super Mystery Box instead of rising up your mul…

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  • DrEggman1026

    Subway Surfers 1.5

    April 18, 2018 by DrEggman1026

    Subway Surfers 1.5 (purchased by EA)

    Costs 5 dollars to download.

    When entering game, you must pay another 5.

    All MBs and SMBs require keys to unlock. All characters and boards require keys to unlock. The game does not give you keys via Daily Video. Key prices are 50% more.

    New feature: World Tour: Travel the world! Pay 20 dollars to unlock this feature. Pay another 5 to unlock a city.

    Mega Headstarts, Score Boosters, and Powerup Upgrades cost real money.

    Pay 49 dollars to unlock Top Run. Completing the 3rd and 4th days of the Word Hunt does not reward you any gold.

    Double Coins is about 300% more expensive.

    The server gets reset each month, with all progress wiped.

    Double Up costs 99 cents. (of MBs and SMBs)

    Get it today and regret your decision!

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  • DrEggman1026

    Subway Surfers World Tour: Buenos Aires is the eighty-first installment in the Subway Surfers World Tour series. This edition introduced a new character, Sofia, along with her Gaucho Outfit. It also introduced a new hoverboard, Splash. Weekly hunt tokens are horseshoes. It was released on April 12th, 2018.

    • The Subway Surfers World Tour goes to stunning Buenos Aires
    • Experience unique architecture and dazzling beaches
    • Follow your game progress all in one place with the new ‘MY TOUR’ tab
    • Welcome Sofia, the new hip member of the Surfer crew
    • Search for shiny horse shoes high and low to win Weekly Hunt prizes

    • Sofia, a new character, was released, along with her Gaucho Outfit.
    • Splash, a new hoverboard, was released.
    • Daily Challenge has been renamed Word …

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  • DrEggman1026

    ''The first edition went live!"

    - Subway Surfers official website

    Hello! Welcome to Subway Surfers: Back To The Past! Here we will review old versions of the game called Subway Surfers! We will discover many, many, and many stuff out there! So, let's start with the first version!

    Subway Surfers: First Version is the first version of Subway Surfers. Originally it only had 5 characters, 4 could be unlockable via Character Tokens. The only hoverboard that was available was the original. More kept being added with updates. The removed Headstart powerup was also available. It was released on iOS on May 24, 2012 and on Android on September 20, 2012. If you want to try this version, download here:

    Characters: 10/10

    Hoverboard: 8/10

    Powerups: 8/10


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  • DrEggman1026

    Hi, and welcome to my new series, Back To The Past! Here we will review older version of this game called Subway Surfers. This series will cover:

    • First Version
    • Halloween
    • Holiday

    • New York
    • Rio
    • Rome
    • Sydney
    • Tokyo
    • Miami
    • Paris
    • Beijing
    • Moscow
    • New Orleans
    • London

    • Mumbai
    • Miami 2
    • Seoul
    • New York 2
    • Mexico City
    • Rome 2
    • Vancouver
    • Tokyo 2
    • São Paulo
    • Paris 2
    • Los Angeles
    • Beijing 2
    • Cairo
    • New Orleans 2
    • Bangkok
    • London 2

    • Las Vegas
    • Seoul 2
    • Hawaii
    • Mumbai 2
    • Paris 3
    • Arabia
    • Los Angeles 2
    • Venice
    • Rio 2
    • Sydney 2
    • Greece
    • New York 3
    • Kenya
    • Transylvania
    • Tokyo 3
    • North Pole

    • Hawaii 2
    • San Francisco
    • Arabia 2
    • Prague
    • Madagascar
    • Sydney 3
    • Peru
    • Las Vegas 2
    • Singapore
    • Venice 2
    • Rio 3
    • Iceland
    • Havana
    • Transylvania 2
    • Washington
    • Winter Holiday
    • Amsterdam

    • San Francisco 2
    • Arabia 3
    • Bangkok 2
    • Monaco
    • Hawaii 3
    • Copenhagen
    • Peru 2
    • Marrakesh
    • Shanghai
    • Miami 3
    • Barcelona
    • Singapore…

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  • DrEggman1026

    (Source: Here's a list of all Weekly Hunts and Hunt Prizes (dates and download links included). Note that this blog is currently being worked on. (WIP)

    October 24, 2012


    Weekly Hunt didn't exist back then.

    November 28, 2012


    Weekly Hunt didn't exist back then.

    January 2, 2013


    Weekly Hunt didn't exist back then.

    January 31, 2013


    Weekly Hunt didn't exist back then.

    February 28, 2013


    In order to get the limited edition Chicky hoverboard, the player must collect 100 eggs at the Easter Egg Hunt in 30 days. WARNING: Do not enter the game with an internet connection on, otherwise the Egg Hunt event will not work.

    Special Hunt board available in this edition

    April 4, 2013


    Weekly Hunt didn't exist back then

    May 2, 2013



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  • DrEggman1026

    A lot of people have asked me how to get the chicky board on Subway Surfers, so here's the tutorial:

    1. Download the Rome 2013 version. You can find the link here.
    2. Set date to March 1st, 2013
    3. Go to the game, collect eggs. 

    WARNING: Do not enter the game with an Internet connection on, otherwise the Egg Hunt event will not work.

    After you get all 100 eggs and unlock the Chicky board, you can update your game to the next version (Tokyo) to obtain the Cherry board. This method also works with any other board such as Dragon  Jingles, Rudy, or Medal

    Nothing here yet - :(

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  • DrEggman1026

    I started playing in São Paulo update. And you?

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  • DrEggman1026

    Do you want to fix the problem of losing your data because of a game crash or accidentally clicking "Clear Data"? Or you want to start fresh without losing your current progress? Then this guide is made for you!

    • Subway Surfers v1.33.0 or more. Glitches may occur on older versions.
    • Android v4.4.n
    • Root access
    • Titanium Backup Pro. The link can be found here .
    • And a little bit of patience ;)

    1. Open Titanium Backup Pro.
    2. Search for "Subway".
    3. Click/tap on "Subway Surfers v1.nn.n".
    4. Click on "Backup". This may take 5-10 minutes depending on your device model.
    5. Uninstall Subway Surfers. Be sure to close it before uninstalling!
    6. Go to Play Store and reinstall Subway Surfers.
    7. Complete tutorial and close Subway Surfers.
    8. Close Titanium Backup Pro and reopen it.
    9. Search fo…

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  • Jaro Mlinarj


    January 22, 2018 by Jaro Mlinarj

    Rex - king. Tyrant

    Nicolai - young prince, Rex's brother

    Frank - Knight. Educatr of Rex and Nicolai

    Jenny - Witch. Good friend with Frank

    Jaro - The Leader of Insurgents

    Rosa - Fortune-teller

    Joker - Jester. He wanna kill Rex. Think that Nicolai a true King

    Just a note.

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  • FayyadAllhassan123

    Dog Trouble

    January 21, 2018 by FayyadAllhassan123

    Tricky: Dan, NO!

    Dan: **** No! (Barking)

    [Dan poops]

    Jake and Tricky's son, Oliver: Mommy...

    Jake + Tricky: Yes?


    Inspector: HOARD! Oh! Tricky, Oliver, Jake and Dan. Come back here!


    Tricky: OLIVER! SPEAK TO ME!

    Oliver: I love you Mommy. [Dies]

    Tricky: NOOO!

    [Dan gets killed]

    Tricky: Aww, great. Now we have to put our two loved ones in a grave.

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  • RokkkstaGrrrl

    My Reminders!!!

    January 17, 2018 by RokkkstaGrrrl

    I was trying to make a new videoon my YouTube. But I should quit it on a few years and trying to start or write everything on this wiki. Sorry for the ones who know me on YouTube. Okay thank you!

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  • Olivia Skate Outfit

    Jenny's Life

    January 14, 2018 by Olivia Skate Outfit

    I made this Fan Fiction Story. Do you want it? Read!

    Jenny was born in Macau, China, on February 14, 2000. On 2002, her parents brought her to San Francisco with her American Relatives and left her there. 2011, she cannot speak in English fluently because she is a Chinese. So her uncle decided to teach her in ESL since 2012. It was a bit hard for her because she was still fixing her accent, slight Chinese Tamil accent. She can now speak in English fluently since 2014. On her 14th birthday, February 14, 2015, she made so many friends and build their own hippie crew. She felt that they look brothers and sisters to her. In February 1, 2016, a gang of boys and girls came in San Francisco. She noticed them that they vandalize the subway trains.…

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  • JayBlue Outfit


    November 26, 2017 by JayBlue Outfit

    I'll miss you so much, but I might come back if PokeFan10025 doesn't ban me. 😢 I'm not going to be active.

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  • Rainierirvin.tayag

    Wiki Activity

    October 25, 2017 by Rainierirvin.tayag

    Hello fellow Surfers!

    I apologize for not being active for the past few days in this wiki. I currently have a few school projects to work on and they're really making my life hell, but I'm sure that I will edit stuff by Friday night this week.


    Your friendly neighborhood, Rainierirvin.tayag :)

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  • Denifer


    August 23, 2017 by Denifer

    I want to go swimming but no pool

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  • JayBlue Outfit

    My 1000th edit

    August 22, 2017 by JayBlue Outfit

    Thank you for the entertainment! I've got to my 1000th edit! I'm so thankful!

    -My Favriote boards: Kitty! Seriously Kitty! Also Rigshaw. I also like like:

    -Skull Fire (because I meditate)
    -Starboard (It makes me think of my mom😢) -Bengal (because my username is JayBlue Outfit) -Birthday (I don't know why!)

    Wow! I stayed here for long and I made 1043 edits! Wow!

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  • JayBlue Outfit

    Shangshai came in July 2017. It came after the Makkeresh update. It was also the Second update in China.

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  • JayBlue Outfit

    First Version

    August 3, 2017 by JayBlue Outfit

    No Hoverboards are available. This version of Subway surfers was like 1.1. Time passes. It's not fair for other devices! Even Chinnese Version!If you have android, enjoy.😢 Stay in touch for mor of my Blogs!

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  • JayBlue Outfit

    Hoverboard Skull Fire Bouncer Kitty Bengal Snowflake Teddy Liberty Toucan Bubblegum Fortune Cherry Kick Off Rose Panda Pumkin Rudy Starboard Scoot Sunset Monster


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  • JayBlue Outfit

    The topic is a a great question

    When Kiloo and Sybo first found Subway Surfers, They left off all their games.

    But why does that help? If you are going to ask that, DON'T ASK ME! Get back to the story.

    WhenSubway Surfers Wiki was made, SYBO and Kiloo didn't care. They kept on running it.

    Now understand?

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  • 788684

    Bad New

    March 1, 2017 by 788684

    They Released Him

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  • LittleJackk

    Time Travel Glitch

    February 6, 2017 by LittleJackk

    hey. so im used to be a big fan of SS, and im getting back into it. 

    is there a way to get the newer characters with the Time Travel glitch? :)

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  • AsgailBann

    Subway Surfers Time Tour: Viking is the 2nd installment of the Subway Surfers Time Tour series. This edition released the limited character Gina, a wild boar and also gave her the new Opera Outfit, which costs 15. This edition also released a new secret character Boney, a skeleton and also gave him the new Pirate Outfit, which costs 15. This edition also released the limited hoverboard, Ax, as well as the tiny warriors as the Weekly Hunt.This edition also introduced two more upgrades. It was released on TBA.

    Main Article: Subway Surfers Time Tour: Viking/Gallery

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  • AsgailBann

    Subway Surfers Time Tour: Prehistoric is the 1st installment of the Subway Surfers Time Tour series. This edition released the limited character Boris, a pterodactyl and also gave him the new Sun Outfit, which costs 15. This edition also released a new secret character Amy, a triceratops and also gave her the new Internet Outfit, which costs 15. This edition also released the limited hoverboard, T-Rex, as well as the tiny cute dinos as the Weekly Hunt.This edition also introduced two more upgrades. It was released on TBA.

    Main Article: Subway Surfers Time Tour: Prehistoric/Gallery

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    Our love was strong as a tiger

    Soft as the cotton you lie in

    Times we got hot like an iron

    You and I

    Our hearts had never been broken

    We were so innocent darling

    We used to talk 'til the morning

    You and I

    We had the mixtape on every weekend

    Had it repeating, had it repeating

    You were my December Song, autumn lasted too long

    Time moves so slowly, when you're only 13

    You were my December Song, tell me where have you gone

    Do you remember me, we were only 13

    And I, I remember the chorus, they were singing it for us

    I hear that December Song and I'm singing along

    Remembering you and me, oh what a melody

    Sometimes I think that I see her

    Face in the strangest of places

    Down on the underground station

    Passing by

    I get a mild sense of danger

    Feel like my heart couldn't …

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    Days like this I want to drive away

    Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade

    You chewed me up and spit me out

    Like I was poison in your mouth

    You took my light, you drained me down

    But that was then and this is now

    Now look at me

    This is the part of me

    That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no

    This is the part of me

    That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no

    Throw your sticks and your stones,

    Throw your bombs and your blows

    But you’re not gonna break my soul

    This is the part of me

    That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no

    I just wanna throw my phone away

    Find out who is really there for me

    You ripped me off, your love was cheap

    Was always tearing at the seams

    I fell deep, you let me drown

    But that was then and this is now

    Now look at me …

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  • DaRKMaRoWaK


    December 6, 2016 by DaRKMaRoWaK

    To anyone who was involved due to what Peachycream has mentioned about what I said, I would like to explain on what's really going on, from my side of the story.

    It all started when I was checking the wiki activity. Then i noticed that Peachycream was literally trying to post on every thread she sees to the point where she would even answer questions asked on forums with "I don't know!" or "I don't know how it happened!".

    Thus, I informed her to watch what she posted as I suspected that it was an act of gaining edits (see #1). She replied my message rudely saying that she can do anything she wanted (#2). I ignored that message and joked with her about banning her (which I wasn't inte…

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos


    On the first day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give to me

    A Playstation 4 with 5 games


    On the second day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give to me

    A new skateboard


    And a Playstation 4 with 5 games


    On the third day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give to me

    A new PS Vita


    A new skateboard


    And a Playstation 4 with 5 games


    On the fourth day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give to me

    A new iPod Touch


    A new PS Vita


    A new skateboard


    And a Playstation 4 with 5 games

    [The Inspector:]

    On the fifth day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give to me

    Five golden rings


    A new iPod Touch


    A new PS Vita


    A new skateboard


    And a Playstation 4 with 5 games


    On the sixth day of Christmas

    Please, Santa, give…

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  • Jonasbn142

    On a mission

    August 6, 2016 by Jonasbn142

    I have for long time wanted to have an overview of the Mission Sets in Subway Surfer so I could make better tactical decisions. So I have started to write up the Mission Set in a listing . I started with the one in the screen shot at the top of the page and I added the information from my own screenshots and then finally the ones I could locate in the Gallery .

    So if you are playing Subway Surfer missions, please take a screen shot at upload it to the Gallery on the missions page and I will process it or you are welcome to add the information to the listing (please note that the additions are directly written off from the screen shots, spelling errors and all).

    For now I have observer repeating mission sets, please see the notes field, so it…

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    Dr. Brody is a falling block tile-matching video game, similar to Dr. Mario, in which Brody assumes the role of a doctor, dropping two-colored medical capsules into a medicine bottle representing the playing field. This area is populated by viruses of three colors: red (Tony), yellow (Nick), and blue (Mina). In a manner and style considered similar to Tetris, the player manipulates each capsule as it falls, moving it left or right and rotating it such that it is positioned alongside the viruses and any existing capsules. When four or more capsule halves or viruses of matching color are aligned in vertical or horizontal configurations, they are removed from play. The main objective is to complete levels, which is accomplished by eliminating…

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  • Nat García


    March 24, 2016 by Nat García

    The 'Parmaxi' is my fanon hoverboard, it costs 390000 coins.

    The Paramaxi is a blue hoverboard with a golden border that haves vertical white stripes. The Paramaxi also haves written SO MAXI!!!!! in the top of it.

    It protects the player from crashing in 50 seconds, unlike the other hoverboards.

    The Paramaxi haves more than 2 upgrades.

    • Protector (cost 50 keys): Increases the time that the Paramaxi can protect the player from crashing by 10 seconds. On this upgrade, the Paramaxi is now shiny.
    • Speed Up (costs 120 keys): Increases the speed and increases the score multipler by 5 while the Paramaxi is on. On this upgrade, the Paramaxi gets a trusher at the bottom of the Paramaxi.
    • GSmooth Drift (costs 90 keys): The player falls slower while Paramaxi i…

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  • Nat García


    March 24, 2016 by Nat García

    Concreter is a fanon character by me. He costs 1,000,000 coins.

    Concreter is a boy with orange hair. He wears black jeans with white pockets. He also wears a blue jersey and a green shoes. He wears a white T-shirt with blue sleeves that haves a pocket with his black shades.

    The skater oufit was Concreter's first oufit. In the skater oufit, Concreter's jersey have got a white stripe on each one of its sleeves and his shirt haves a blue skateboard with yellow wheels printed on it. he also got 2 golden bandages on his right leg. His shades also turned gold. Additionally he haves a golden skate wrapped on his back by a black belt.

    The super skater oufit was Concreter's second oufit. In the super skater oufit, Concreter looks like he was in the sk…

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  • Peachycream

    You see these pictures of the new and returning surfers with their new outfits TrumanHarold? Do not edit these! I repeat! Do not edit these!

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  • Peachycream

    Subway Surfers Racing

    December 23, 2015 by Peachycream

    Subway Surfers is a racing game similar to Mario Kart, Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, and many more racing games. It was released on May 19, 2016.


    Microsoft Windows

    OS X




    PlayStation 3 (Discontinued on March 3, 2017)

    XBOX 360 (Discontinued on March 3, 2017)

    Windows Phone (Windows Phone 10 only (removed on January 17, 2018))

    PlayStation Vita (Discontinued on July 5, 2017)

    PlayStation 4

    XBOX One

    Wii U

    Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo Switch (released on April 23, 2018)

    Default Characters:















    Prince K











    Unlockable Characters:

    Jay (default in Nintendo Switch version)

    Mina (default in Nintendo Switch version)

    Rosa (default in Nintendo Swit…

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  • Peachycream

    I don't wanna follow TrumanHarold because he always makes weird comments on every post me or anyone else makes. @TrumanHarold stop making comments and do not follow me on the Subway Surfers Wiki!

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