Board Upgrades are given to hoverboards. Now the normal hoverboards have their own special ability. All board upgrades except the Star Trail (which is free) costKey 001 . They were added into the game during the Beijing re-release to be given for Superhero and Starboard. And every edition after that, board upgrades are added for other hoverboards like Monster, Big Kahuna and Great White. The table below shows the board upgrades each hoverboard has.

List of Upgraded Boards (Non-Limited) Edit

Original Image Name Upgrade 1 Appearance Upgrade 1 Name Price Upgrade 2 Appearance Upgrade 2 Name Price
Superhero Superhero SuperHeroHoverboardUpgradeZapSideways Zap Sideways 80 Key 001 SuperHeroHoverboardUpgradeSuperJump Super Jump 110 Key 001
Starboard Starboard StarTrailUpgrade Star Trail Free DoubleJump Double Jump 90 Key 001
OliviaGreatWhite2 Great White GreatWhiteUpgrade1 Speed Up 100 Key 001
Smooth Drift 150 Key 001
Big Kahuna
Stay Low 130 Key 001
Smooth Drift 150 Key 001
MonterBoard Monster MonsterSpeedUpUpgradeNr1IntroducedInTheBangkokEdition Speed Up 100 Key 001 --- --- ---
Freestyler Freestyler FreestylerDoubleJump Double Jump 90 Key 001 --- --- ---
PrinceKPurchasingTheMiamiHoverboard Sunset PinkTrail Pink Trail 60 Key 001 --- --- ---

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