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Title Brody
Cost Coin 350,000
Tokens No
Outfit 1 Posh Outfit
Cost Key 00135
Outfit 2 Chill Outfit
Cost Key 00170

Brody can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 350,000. Brody is the second most expensive character in Subway Surfers.


Brody looks like a young lifeguard. He wears a shark's tooth necklace, a watch,deep blue shirt,a pair of blue flip flops, and blonde hair with sunglasses on it.

During the Seoul edition, Brody received his very first outfit - the Posh Outfit, costing 35Key 001.

During the Mexico City edition, he received his second outfit - the Chill outfit, costing 70Key 001

In his first outfit, the Posh outfit his shirt changes to black and he is now wearing his glasses. His pants are also changed to brown. In his Chill outfit, he now has a large red headband with two v shaped white lines on the top of the headband. His glasses are now pink/red and are oval shaped. His necklace are now multicolored with a green peace sign hanging at the bottom. Everything else however, still remains the same.


  • Brody appears to have the most different idle animations in the character select screen out of all characters (including limited characters).
  • He is the first character to wear flip flops, the second being Kim (Original only), and the third being Edison.
  • He and Nick are the only blond boys in Subway Surfers.
  • He has sunglasses in all of his outfits.
    • However, in his original outfit his sunglasses are on the top of his head instead.


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