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Title Brody
Cost Coin 350,000
Tokens No
Outfit 1 Posh Outfit
Cost Key 00135
Outfit 2 Chill Outfit
Cost Key 00170

Brody can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 350,000. Brody is the second most expensive character in Subway Surfers.


Brody looks like a young lifeguard. He wears a shark's tooth necklace, a watch, deep blue swimshirt, red and yellow shorts, a pair of blue flip flops, and flowing blonde hair with sunglasses.

During the Seoul edition, Brody received his very first outfit - the Posh Outfit, costing 35Key 001.

During the Mexico City edition, he received his second outfit - the Chill outfit, costing 70Key 001

In his Posh outfit, his shirt changes to a black polo and he is now wearing his glasses and a silver ring. His shorts are also changed to brown.

In his Chill outfit, he now has a large red headband with two v shaped white lines on the top of the headband, holding down his long hair. His glasses are now pink/red and are oval shaped. His necklace is now multicolored with a green peace sign likes GAU-8 hanging at the bottom. His shirt is also moderately more blue and shorts is changed to red and green.


  • Brody's hair is animated as if he is standing against the wind. However, this is only seen in his default outfit.
  • Brody appears to have the most different idle animations in the character select screen out of all characters (including limited characters).
  • He is the first character to wear flip flops, the second being Kim (Original only), the third being Edison, and the fourth being Jenny (Original only).
  • He and Nick are the only blond boys in Subway Surfers.
  • He has sunglasses in all of his outfits.
    • However, in his original outfit his sunglasses are on the top of his head instead.


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