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Sometimes, old expired characters reappear in the game, like Zombie Jake, Elf Tricky etc. They can be bought in 24 hours for real money. The latest character that reappeared was Coco which was on 10th December 2014. Currently there is a pattern for Character Reappearances, the character from one edition is released in the one after that.

List of Reappeared Characters

  • Zombie Jake (New Orleans edition)
  • Elf Tricky (London edition)
  • Jamie (Mumbai edition)
  • Jay (Miami 2014 edition)
  • Nick (Seoul edition)
  • Mina (New York 2014 edition)
  • Tony (Mexico City edition)
  • Rosa (Rome 2014 edition)
  • Roberto (Vancouver edition)
  • Olivia (Tokyo 2014 edition)
  • Harumi (São Paulo edition)
  • Carmen (São Paulo edition)
  • Edison (Paris 2014 edition)
  • Coco (Los Angeles edition)
  • Wayne (Beijing 2014 edition)
  • Sun (Cairo edition)
  • Zombie Jake (New Orleans 2014 edition)
  • Jasmine (New Orleans 2014 edition)
  • Eddy (Bangkok edition)
  • Elf Tricky (Bangkok edition)
  • Noon (London 2014 edition)
  • Buddy (Las Vegas edition)
  • Rex (Seoul 2015 edition)
  • Mina (Hawaii edition)
  • Izzy (Mumbai 2015 edition)
  • Jay (Paris 2015 edition)
  • Coco (Arabia edition)
  • Amira (Los Angeles 2015 edition)


  • Character Reappearance were introduced in the New Orleans edition.
  • Zombie Jake was the first character to reappear.
    • He is also the character who reappeared the most.
  • Elf Tricky was the first female character to reappear.
  • Jamie was the first World Tour character to reappear.
  • Nick was the fourth limited character to be re-released again and the first ever to be re-released not from an event.
    • However, he reappeared from the event in the Seoul edition.
  • Mina was the first female world tour character to reappear.
  • The New Orleans 2014 edition is currently the only edition to have 3 characters reappear.


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