A coin
Cost None
Ability Buying characters and hoverboards, skipping missions, and upgrading power-ups.
Earned By Collecting it while running and receiving it from mystery boxes.
Activating None

Coins (which look like Coin in the game) are the main currency in Subway Surfers. It can be obtained by collecting it while running or receiving it from mystery boxes. With enough coins, you can buy characters like King, Zoe and Prince K, or hoverboards like Panda, Hot Rod and Lowrider. However, some characters or hoverboards like Tricky, Yutani and Fresh use certain tokens instead of coins to be obtained. Coins are also used to upgrade and buy power-ups and skip missions.


  • If you are in need of coins, the Coin Magnet will help collect coins in every lane, making it a very useful power-up in collecting coins.
    • The Jetpack is also good in collecting coins as coins appear in the air when using the jetpack while the Super Sneakers help collect coins under your feet while jumping, and don't forget the Power Jumper which gives you coins when jumping high in the sky.
  • Coins appear in 3 types of trails, a normal straight trail, an arch trail (requires the player to jump) and a wavy trail. (requires the player to switch lanes)
  • Other ways of getting coins are buying them with in-app purchases (using real money) or when your Game Center friend plays the game and had 50 runs.
    • There are also easier ways to get coins, like watching a sponsored video and subscribing to Kiloo and SYBO Games' Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
    • There is an in-app purchase where you can get double coins for every coin you collect while running for $4.99.
    • Sometimes in-app purchases have sales which lets you buy a certain amount of coins in a much cheaper price.
    • A starter pack was also added during the Mumbai edition that rewards the player 7,000Coin and some keys and hoverboards for $0.99.
  • Coins can also increase your run score, which makes it essential in getting highscores.
    • The points gained from coins are counted in the following equation:
      • number of coins x score multiplier x 2.
  • So far, all limited characters cost 95,000Coin and limited hoverboards cost 50,000Coin.


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