Coin Magnet
Coin Magnet
Coin Magnet
Name Coin Magnet
Abilities Attracts coins towards the player
Special Can attract all lanes of coins

The Coin Magnet is a power-up in Subway Surfers. When collected, the character grabs it and automatically collects every Coin he/she passes by, even if a coin is not in his/her path. This is the ideal power-up if they want to get coins very rapidly.


  • When the player collects a Jetpack while the coin magnet is active, it will collect the first few coins on the ground before reaching the sky.
    • It will collect all coins in the air when a Jetpack is active until the coin magnet wears off.
    • However, they cannot collect coins on the ground with a coin magnet when up in the air. Instead, they collect the coins in the air.
    • Similarly, they cannot collect coins on the ground when on top of a big tunnel with coins, neither can they do this vice versa.
    • They also cannot attract coins on the ground when using a Power Jumper.
      • But, they will start attracting the coins on the ground when you first touch the ground.
  • It is one of the most useful power-ups/items in the entire game. 
  • A normal magnet only attracts steel in reality, but the magnet in this particular game and other games similar to it only attracts coins.
  • It has the appearance of a horseshoe magnet.
  • Since coins contribute to the final score, it is also an essential power-up in receiving highscores.
  • Sometimes you'll be able to use the magnet while being on the roof.


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