Word for Today's Daily Challenge
As of 21 July 2016

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The Daily Challenge is a challenge where you have to collect a certain amount of letters to form a word (i.e., dash, score, jump, tie, roll, etc). When you complete a daily challenge, you'll get a prize depending on how long you've been playing it.

Completing the challenge normally (or when challenge not played for a day or more) and you'll get Coin 500 (Mystery Box in the Prague update).

Completing the challenge for 2 consecutive days and you'll get Coin 750 (Mystery Box in the Prague update).

Completing the challenge for 3 consecutive days and you'll get Coin 1,050.

Completing the challenge for 4 consecutive days and you'll get Coin 1,500.

Completing the challenge for 5+ consecutive days and you'll get a Super Mystery Box.


  • The 'Daily Challenge' is an optional selection.
    • If you don't want to complete the Daily Challenge, you won't be able to find any power-ups (except the Power Jumper) until you collect all the letters.
  • Like coins or other power ups, the letters can be collected when the character jumps over it while wearing the Super Sneakers, however it cannot be absorbed by the Coin Magnet (for obvious reasons).
  • The words that you need to collect all have a connection to the game.


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