Nick On The Flamingo Board
Nick surfing on the Flamingo board in his Neon Outfit

Title Flamingo
Cost 50,000 Coin
Special Ability No
Board Upgrades
Upgrade 1 None
Cost None
Upgrade 2 None
Cost None

Flamingo is the eighth limited hoverboard in Subway Surfers. Like any other hoverboard, it protects you from crashing for 30 seconds. When crashed, it will explode and recharge for a few seconds before it can be used again. It was released in the Subway Surfers World Tour: Miami edition and it was only available in this edition. The hoverboard has a picture of a flamingo on a pink and blue background. Like Nick, it was re-released again at the re-released Miami edition. This makes it the first ever hoverboard to be re-released again. This hoverboard is the third male hoverboard to be released three times. Like all other limited hoverboards, Flamingo costs Coin 50,000.

Trivia Edit

  • There's a glitch where once the player updates from the Miami update to the Paris update, the Flamingo board is automatically added to his/her collection, even though he/she hasn't unlocked it yet.


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