Title Fresh
Cost No
Tokens Fresh's Radio Icon 50
Outfit 1 Funk Outfit
Cost Key 001 25
Outfit 2 Sport Outfit
Cost Key 001 40

Fresh is a character in Subway Surfers. He can be unlocked by collecting 50 Fresh's Stereos (Fresh's Radio Icon) tokens.


Fresh is a boy with a very high military-style haircut, slightly dark brown skin and brown eyes. He wears thick glasses, a green tank top, orange shorts, blue, grey and red sneakers and white socks with two different colored stripes. He is also holding a radio wherever he goes.

During the Beijing,Fresh was given 2 new outfits which are the Funk Outfit and the Sport Outfit edition, they cost Key 001 25 and Key 001 40 respectively.


  • He keeps his radio in his Funk Outfit, just in a different color, while he holds a basketball instead in his Sport Outfit.
  • He, Frank and Roberto are the only characters to carry an item throughout the gameplay.


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