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A headstart
Name Headstart
Abilities Lets the player zoom through the sky
Special Getting points and avoiding obstacles until a certain distance

Headstart was a power-up that used to be available until after the Rio update. This power-up would let the player zoom through the sky for about thirty seconds in the beginning of the game, avoiding everything underneath, including obstacles.


Each headstart cost 2,000Coin to use and players can use up to 3 to skip ahead and start running at the higher speed. At the end, there are also three power-ups, one on each lane, which are Coin Magnet, 2X Multiplier and Super Sneakers, let players start with a power-up too.

History Edit

  • The Headstart was available with Subway Surfers' softlaunch.
  • On 31/1/2013, the regular Headstart was removed and was replaced with the Mega Headstart.


  • Unlike the Jetpack, players can use it to zoom through the sky but it won't let them collect any coins.
  • Jetpack and Power Jumper don't appear at the end, because they are already on the sky.
  • Their character's running speed will also be maintained after landing.
  • Before the Rio update, they can get it from Super Mystery Boxes or the Mystery Box as a rare prize.
    • Its slot on their prizes screen was replaced by the Score Booster after the Rio update.
  • They can't upgrade it to the Mega Headstart from the Headstart.
  • The Headstart icon has 2 arrows while the Mega Headstart icon has 3.
  • They can also combine the Headstart with the 2X Multiplier for a speed boost.

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