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Sometimes, old expired hoverboards reappear in the game, like Rose, Cruiser etc. They can be bought in 24 hours for real money. There is a high chance that Wave Rider will be re-released in the next Subway Surfers edition. The latest hoverboard that reappeared was Gondola which was on 22th July 2015. Currently there is a pattern for Hoverboard Reappearances, the hoverboard from one edition is released in the one after that.

List of Reappeared Hoverboards Edit

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cherry was the first hoverboard that reappeared.
  • Hoverboads Reappearances was introduced in the Tokyo 2014 edition
  • The Beijing 2014 edition is currently the only edition to have 2 hoverboards reappear.
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