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Weekly Hunt
Japanese Keychains are tokens needed to be collected for the Weekly Hunt during the Tokyo edition. They appear to be little Japanese dolls.

Weekly Hunt Prizes for Collecting Japanese Keychains 2013Edit

  • Week 1: Collect 25 Japanese Keychains to get 10 Hoverboards.
  • Week 2: Collect 40 Japanese Keychains to get 7 keys.
  • Week 3: Collect 30 Japanese Keychains to get a Super Mystery Box.
  • Week 4: Collect 60 Japanese Keychains to get the limited Cherry hoverboard.


Weekly Hunt Prizes for Collecting Japanese Keychains 2014Edit

  • Week 1: Collect 20 Japanese Keychains to get 8 Mega Headstarts.
  • Week 2: Collect 10 Japanese Keychains to get 4 Key 001.
  • Week 3: Collect 40 Japanese Keychains to get 40 Hoverboards.


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