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Jaro outfit

Title Jaro
Cost Coin95,000
Tokens None
Outfit 1 Joker Outfit
Cost Key 00115
Outfit 2 None
Cost None

Jaro can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 95,000, and is a limited character in Subway Surfers World Tour: Prague.

Jaro is stated to be a fearless warrior hailing from Prague. As with his home city's theme, Jaro is styled after a medieval hero. Given the lack of stereotypically knight-like features, he is most likely some sort of rogue.

Appearance Edit

Jaro's Original Outfit is a mint-colored belted tunic with purple edges over a white shirt and pants. He also wears a set of gloves, buckled similarly to his belt, and black boots. His brown tricorn hat is adroned with a large pink feather, and his mouth is covered by a violet bandana. His eyes are green and his hair is brown. The staff in his idles is a plain stick.

In his Joker Outfit, Jaro wears an ornate medieval jester costume, styled in black and purple with gold highlights. He now wears a white full face mask with purple makeup patterns. His staff is now spiral-striped in black and white, with a purple/black jester head on top.

Trivia Edit

  • Jaro (pronounced YA-ro) is a traditional Czech name. Prague is located in the Czech Republic.
  • He's the first male newcomer of 2016. The second being Carlos.
  • He is the second newcomer of 2016,the first being Jenny

Gallery Edit

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