Title Lee
Cost Coin 95,000
Tokens None
Outfit 1 Silk Outfit
Cost Key 001 15
Outfit 2 None
Cost None

Lee is a limited character that is exclusive to Subway Surfers World Tour: Shanghai. He is the forty-third limited character in Subway Surfers. His first outfit, the Silk Outfit, costs Key 001 15.

Appearance Edit

Lee is a Chinese juggling street performer with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a white tank top, a green jacket, black pants, light blue sneakers, and a blue baseball cap. His jacket also has badges.

He also had a Silk Outfit wearing a Chinese robe and pants. His sneakers are replaced by slippers, his juggling ball came red, his cap replaced by a red Chinese top. His hair came longer with a braid.

Gallery Edit

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