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Title Marco
Cost Coin 95,000
Tokens None
Outfit 1 Mask Outfit
Cost Key 001 15
Outfit 2 File:Noble Outfit
Cost Key 001 30

Marco was a gondolier that appeared as an exclusive and limited edition character to Subway Surfers World Tour: Venice. He is also the twenty-sixth limited character in Subway Surfers, and twenty-fourth limited character in the World Tour series. He can be purchased with Coin 95,000. His first outfit, the Mask Outfit, can be purchased for Key 001 15. His second outfit, The Noble Outfit, is purchased for Key 001 30.


Marco has the appearance of a teenage boy with brown hair, thick black eyebrows and black eyes. He wears a red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, brown shoes and a skin-colored hat that's trimmed black. His Mask Outfit has Marco's entire face covered with a white and gold mask. He wears a black-gold trimmed hat with a large red feather poking out in the middle. He wears a long-sleeved blue shirt with sections of white around his sleeves and collar. He also wears a purple shirt and pants, along with white leggings and brown shoes.

His Noble Outfit resembles a handsome prince.


  • Marco is probably named after Marco Polo, an Italian merchant traveler who was born in Venice.


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