Maria is a limit character in Subway Surfers that cost Coin95,000. She is a limited charachter in Subway Surfers World Tour: New Jersey.

Appearence Edit

Maria is a character that is muslim that wears a scarf on her head, three jewels and a blue shirt. She is not blind, but she just wears glasses. In her shirt, she has a style of the talisman board.

During the update of New Jersey, she got the Talisman outfit, which her scarf changes to a different scarf (called a hijab for muslim,) and her shirt still has a design of Talisman board.

Trivia Edit

  • Maria is the second Muslim character in Subway Surfers.
  • In her main outfit, she wears a hijab.
  • Maria is the first charachter that is a black Muslim.



Title Maria
Cost 95000 coins
Tokens {{{Tokens}}}
Outfit 1 Talisman Outfit
Cost Key15
Outfit 2 Jersey Outfit
Cost Key 30

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