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Mega Headstart
The Mega Headstart Icon
Name Mega Headstart
Abilities Lets the player zoom in the sky for a long time.
Special Getting points and avoiding obstacles until a certain distance

Mega Headstart is the upgraded version of the Headstart power-up. The power-up will let you zoom through the sky a tad longer than the normal headstart on the start of the game. You can buy it at the shop for Coin2,000.


  • It can be used to perform a glitch known as "backward running". 
  • The Mega Headstart is a prize from the Mystery Box and the Super Mystery Box.
  • This, the Score Booster, and the Headstart (no longer available) are the only power-ups in the game that can be used at the start of the game by just tapping them once.
    • The hoverboard is also usable at the start of the game, but requires the player to tap on the screen twice.
  • Unlike the Jetpack, using it to zoom through the sky won't let you collect any coins.
    • Your character's running speed will also be maintained after landing.
  • You cannot upgrade to it from the Headstart.
  • The Mega Headstart icon has 3 arrows while the Headstart icon had 2 arrows.
  • Three random power-ups will be in each row at the end of the boost.


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