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Welcome to my message wall. The message wall is a certified, spam-free zone.

A Mysterious Surfer
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  • I'm not rude, I just wanna get your attention that's all!

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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  • Here are the characters from Bubble Guppies:
    Molly From Bubble Guppies
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  • I'm sorry that I'm annoying you and Peachycream!

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  • Hey there DrEggman!

    Sorry for the delay, but after much discussion with PokeFan, we've deicded that you are not yet qualified to be promoted as a content moderator.

    Your edits and contribution has shown us how dedicated you are to improve the wiki, and we appreciate the effort you have done to do so. However, what worries us is your attitude. We've noticed that you've been somewhat rude to the community, that being to me, PokeFan and other users on the Wiki. Some of these actions include:

    • Not following orders
    • Overusing exclamation marks as if you were shouting at others

    If you can try fixing your attitude, we may consider reapplying you for the position. :)

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  • Just to let you know, I feel that the 2010s category is unnecessary because: 1. People only use 2000s, 1900s, 1800s etc. I have never actually seen anyone use 2010s before so I don't think if it's correct in English. 2. All editions of the game occur in that time frame. Categories are for comparison, and these's no point making a category if there's no other item that isn't in it. Even if it's for future purposes, we'll have 2 years to see if the game actually continues updating to that period.

    I will proceed to remove the category now. If you have any valid arguments please post it here and not undo my edits first. :)

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  • pls.... I talked to the admins about the date format and i'm changing it to the way they want it... APA dictates NO letter suffixes on any numbers in the dates, so please don't undo my changes!

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  • First of all, oh my.

    I have no idea on how you got all that information on that page, but seriously, great job! That must have taken a long time to complete. XD

    Anyways, since you're the creator of that page, I would like to make a few adjustments with it which I think deserves your opinion too.

    My first idea is to change the name of "Version History" to "Subway Surfers/Version History", and then linking it from the Subway Surfers page itself so that people can actually find the page.

    Another thing I would like to ask is the purpose of the gallery page associated with the Version History page. I personally don't see a purpose for it since updates on the Play Store or App Store don't normally include pictures, unless if for the game screenshots in the game store's page. If that's what you plan to include there, or if you plan to include other type of pictures that you think is relevant, do let me know. ;)

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  • I'm going to replace the character image in the character box with clear HD transparent background images so please don't remove them or else I'mma call you that nickname you very hate😊

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  • 💡 Subway Surfers World Tour 2018 - Teaser-0

    💡 Subway Surfers World Tour 2018 - Teaser-0

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  • Hello Eggman, we have some great news.

    After extensive discussion, Dark and I have concluded that you're suitable to become a chat moderator! Congrulations! Please remember that being a chat moderator puts responsibilty in your hands, so please don't misuse it. 

    By the way, Dark and I have also been discussing about the expired objects that are seen on all character and hoveboard pages on the wikia. We want to know your opinion on the matter; should we keep it or not and why? 

    Cheers and again, congrulations. 

    PokeFan10025 (talk)

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    • DaRKMaRoWaK wrote:
      Then it's settled.

      We'll remove the tags when possible. But we probably won't do it soon since there's way too many threads to be closed left. XD

      Another thing is that given the time, I might write a template to be put on the main page for the daily events in the game. That way users can just edit the template page and the one on the main page gets updated by itself. I'll try to do that ASAP.

      What threads are you talking about?

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    • The fan-fiction threads which we mentioned in the highlighted thread before.

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    • A Mysterious Surfer
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