Mystery Box
Mystery Box
Mystery Box
Cost Coin 500
Ability Gives a random prize
Earned By Purchasing it, or collecting it while running.
Activating Tap

Mystery Box, when opened, gives you a random item, see the list of items below that you can obtain from the Mystery Box. There's also an upgraded version of the Mystery Box, which is called the Super Mystery Box. There are two ways to get a Mystery Box, either buying the box for Coin500 or getting it during the run.



  • Fresh's Radio Icon x1
  • Spike's Guitar Icon x1
  • Yutani's UFO Icon x1
  • TrickyHatIcon x1




If connected to the internet, the player can watch a video to get double prize (including Jackpot and Mega Jackpot!)



  • It is possible to get multiple mystery boxes per run, most likely 2 or 3.
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