Nezha is a limited character in Subway Surfers World Tour: Sydney, and Sydney 2015, but requires APK download to the Chinese version.




Title Nezha
Cost Coin 95000
Tokens APK download to the Chinese Version
Outfit 1 Unknown (In Chinese)
Cost Key 00115
Outfit 2 None
Cost None
Release Date None

Appearance Edit

Nezha is a girl with short hair, a leaf on her shirt, and green treeleafs for the bottom.

In her outfit (Lotus Child Outfit), her leaves at her bottom are removed and her whole outfit is pink. It cost Key 00115.

Trivia Edit

  • Nezha is not a boy, but her name is a reminder to the king.
  • All Chinese version characters are not in the original version.
  • Nezha is the first character in the Chinese version.
  • In her outfit, she has a flower with her, by her head.

Old Look Edit

Gallery Edit

Unlocking Nezha