Title Ninja
Cost Coin 20,000
Tokens No
Outfit 1 Yang Outfit
Cost Key 00115
Outfit 2 Flame Outfit
Cost Key 00115

Ninja is a character that can be unlocked by purchasing with Coin 20,000.


Ninja looks like a regular ninja except his ninja outfit is brownish instead of black, with a red belt, and he wears red wooden sandals. Ninja is probably based on Japanese/Asian Ninjas.  

In his Yang Outfit, which costs 15Key 001, all of the black of his outfit turns white, except for his socks and arms who remains black. His belt also changes from red to black. His shoes are also changed from red sandals to black, and his socks changed from black to white. In his Flame Outfit, which costs 30Key 001, he now wears a short-sleeved black shirt. Around his waist is a white belt. He now wears blue shorts with flames coming from the bottom. He also now wears red and white shoes. 


  • Both him, Noon and Sun are martial artists.
    • Unlike the other two, he is a non-limited character.


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