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Outfits are given to characters (They were normally only given to non-limited characters until the re-released Miami edition). They change the appearance of a certain character. All outfits except the Dark Outfit (That is free) cost Key 001. They were added into the game during the Miami edition to be given for Jake and Tricky. And every edition after that, outfits are added for other characters like Frank, Lucy and Tagbot. So far, all non-limited characters got 2 outfits, except Yutani, who doesn't have a single one. The table below shows the outfits each character have.

Original Appearance Name Outfit 1 Appearance Outfit 1 Price Outfit 2 Appearance Outfit 2 Price
Jake Jake Subway-Surfers-Dark-Outfit-for-Jake.png Dark Outfit Free StarOutfit Star Outfit 30Key 001
Tricky Tricky Tmp TrickyCamoOutfit-1004310837 Camo Outfit 25Key 001 HeartOutfit Heart Outfit 40Key 001
Fresh Fresh Download (5) Funk Outfit 25Key 001 SportOutfit Sport Outfit 40Key 001
Spike Spike UnlockingRockOutfit Rock Outfit 25Key 001 UnlockingPunkOutfit Punk Outfit 40Key 001
Yutani Yutani --- --- --- --- --- ---
Lucy Lucy GothOutfit Goth Outfit 15Key 001 SteamOutfit Steam Outfit 30Key 001
Tagbot Tagbot 2013-09-16 04.46.49 Space Outfit 15Key 001 Subway-Surfers-for-iPad-5 Toy Outfit 30Key 001
Tasha Tasha UnlockingCheerOutfit1 Cheer Outfit 15Key 001 NewOutfits! Gym Outfit 30Key 001
Frank Frank 2013-10-12 12.45.41 Clown Outfit 15Key 001 TigerOutfit Tiger Outfit 30Key 001
Zoe Zoe CurlyOutfit Curly Outfit 15Key 001 BikerOutfit Biker Outfit 30Key 001
King King 2013-10-12 12.46.19 Count Outfit 15Key 001 RoyalOutfit Royal Outfit 30Key 001
Ninja Ninja Ninja yang outfit Yang Outfit 15Key 001 FlameOutfit Flame Outfit 30Key 001
Frizzy Frizzy RastaOutfit Rasta Outfit 15Key 001 GoldOutfit Gold Outfit 30Key 001
Brody Brody IMG 2623 Posh Outfit 35Key 001 ChillOutfit Chill Outfit 70Key 001
Prince K Prince K UnlockingJagOutfit1 Jag Outfit 100Key 001 ShineOutfit Shine Outfit 280Key 001

Limited CharactersEdit

Starting from the re-released Miami edition, limited characters are given outfits too.

Original Appearance Name Outfit Appearance Outfit Name Price
Nick Nick (From Subway Surfers World Tour: Miami) Speed123 Speed Outfit 15Key 001
Mina Mina (From Subway Surfers World Tour: Seoul) IMG 2622 Robo Outfit 15Key 001
Tony Tony (from Subway Surfers World Tour: New York) FolkOutfit Folk Outfit 15Key 001
Rosa Rosa (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Mexico City) Screenshot 2014-03-27-19-07-39 Fox Outfit 15Key 001
Roberto Roberto (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome) Fan outfit Fan Outfit 15Key 001
Olivia Olivia (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Vancouver) UnlockingSkateOutfit1 Skate Outfit 15Key 001
Harumi Harumi (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Tokyo) Tmp Screenshot 2014-05-28-14-08-53-1628434568 Meow Outfit 15Key 001
Edison Edison (from Subway Surfers World Tour: São Paulo) UrbanOutfit Urban Outfit 15Key 001
Coco Coco (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Paris) ArtOutfit Art Outfit 15Key 001
Wayne Wayne (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Los Angeles) ChiefOutfit Chief Outfit 15Key 001
Sun Sun (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Beijing) SpotOutfit Spot Outfit 15Key 001
Jasmine Jasmine (from Subway Surfers World Tour: Cairo) SafariOutfit Safari Outfit 15Key 001

|- |Eddy |Eddy (from Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans) |TrickOutfit |Trick Outfit |15Key 001 |}

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