Power Jumper
Power Jumper
Power Jumper
Cost N/A
Ability Make the character jump super high and collect coins
Earned By Collecting while running
Activating Having contact with it
Power Jumper is a power-up in Subway Surfers. When collected, it will make the character jump high into the sky filled with coins. Players might also have a chance to land on trains, rooftops etc. It was introduced to the game in Subway Surfers World Tour: Beijing


  • This is one of the very few power-ups to not be upgrade-able, along with the Headstart, Mega Headstart and Score Booster.
  • Its ability is slightly similar to the Super Sneakers, just that it's instant-use, has a different look and it makes the character jump a lot more higher. 
  • The Power Jumper has the appearance of a pogo stick.
  • Players can also get a chance to land on a cement roof made of bricks but they will only last on the roof for a couple of seconds and sure enough they won't be able to collect any coins.
    • However, certain roofs which they can't normally access are longer and has coins on top of them.
  • The Power Jumper is one of the few power-ups that helps players get coins. The others are the Coin Magnet, the Super Sneakers and the Jetpack.
  • They don't appear at the same places normal power-ups would appear at, most of the time they would appear in front of roofs with coins on them.
  • Players must be careful when using it, especially during landing.
  • The Power Jumper shares the same colors as the Jetpack.
  • The coins that appear in the air when the Power Jumper is in use are arch-shaped.
  • As of April 17th, 2014, one of the coins arch will have a random power-up or a key Key 001 in the end. Also, if players see anything underneath them, they are now able to go down at any moment by swiping down.
  • Like the Jetpack, the Power Jumper makes them invincible to everything when they are on it. Unlike the Jetpack, if they see anything down below that is "good" (e.g. a key, mystery box, hunt token) they are able to land immediately and have a chance at getting the item. However, on the Jetpack, they are forced to miss it.
  • Sometimes, when they use the Power Jumper with the magnet, they'll earn more coins.


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