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Salma outfit


Title Salma
Cost Coin 95,000
Tokens None
Outfit 1 Nomad Outfit
Cost Key 001 15
Outfit 2 None
Cost None
Release Date 22 June 2017
Salma is a limited character that is exclusive to Subway Surfers World Tour: Marrakesh. She is the forty-second limited character in Subway Surfers. Her first outfit, the Nomad Outfit, costs Key 001 15.

Appearance Edit

Salma is a female snake charmer with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She wears a green tunic, turquoise leggings, gold sneakers, a black and gold jacket, a turquoise ring, and a turquoise hat. She also wears turquoise eyeshadow and turquoise lipstick.

Trivia Edit

  • She is confirmed as the 3rd female newcomer of 2017. The others being Jolien and Freya.
  • She is the 4th newcomer of 2017. The others being Jolien, Philip, and Freya.

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