Score Booster
Score Booster
Receiving a Score Booster from a Mystery Box
Cost Coin 3,000
Ability Increase your multiplier by 5
Earned By Buying or by receiving it from Mystery Boxes and Weekly Hunts
Activating Tapping it at the start of the game

The Score Booster is a power-up added in Subway Surfers World Tour: Rio. It costs Coin 3,000 and is available through the Mystery Box or the Super Mystery Box as a rare item. It is also possible to get it from Weekly Hunts. It increases you multiplier by 5 until the end of the run.


  • Before it was added to the game, the Headstart had its place.
  • Its arrival made the highest possible multiplier to increase from 60 to 70. On Mystery Mondays, the use of the +10 Multiplier, the 2X Multiplier, and the Score Booster increases the maximum multiplier to 80.
  • When used, the multiplier will turn blue.
  • This, the 2X Multiplier and the missions are the only things in the game that can increase your multiplier.
  • This and the 2X Multiplier are the only power-ups in the game to not be seen held by the character when used.
  • This, the Mega Headstart, and the Headstart (expired) are the only powerups in the game that can be used at the start of the game by just tapping them once.


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