In the Subway Surfers Wiki, admins try their best to make this wiki full of good content and good users. Unfortunately, some users may vandalize the wiki's articles. The admins have decided to make this page so users can understand the general ruleset of the wiki.

If a certain user does not follow the rules, the user will be banned from this wiki depending on what he or she has done.

Unacceptable Behavior

  1. Do not insert spam or vandalize pages. Spamming is bad for this wiki, this wiki should be a clear and informative databese about Subway Surfers. By spamming a page, users are taking all the information away and repeatively putting useless information on it instead.
  2. Do not harass other users for any reason, including discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, religion, or orientation.
  3. Do not post mature content, including profanity and sexually explicit content. Subway Surfers is played by young children who may come on this wiki.
  4. Do not copy content from this wiki without permission from any of the administrators.

Suggestions for Editing

  1. Always put an infobox on a page while creating a page. Infoboxes are extremely important when making a page. Infoboxes explains the subject of a page.
  2. Do not ask admins to promote you if you have not proven yourself. To be an admin, you must act like an admin, edit daily (or weekly, depending on the admins) and be a responsible and good user. Admins are not in charge of a wiki. They are leaders of a wiki and are supposed to have good standards of editing. Once you have did all what is asked for in an admin, send an application to any of the three bureaucrats: Punji, PokeFan10025 or TheCuteDolphin.
  3. Any user who promotes hacks on the wiki will be given a warning for the first time, but will receive a 2 week ban at his/her second time. Third time after ban and he/she'll be blocked forever.
  4. Any picture on the wiki (See Special:NewFiles) which has not been posted in any page (not necessarily namespace pages, but profiles and forum threads count too) 7 days since it's upload will be deleted.

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