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Subway Surfers World Tour: Sydney 2016 is the forty-ninth installment in the Subway Surfers World Tour Series and fifty-fourth version of the game. In this edition Kim, the Sydney Special costing 95,000 Coin, makes a return, she is described as a ultimate surfer chick. This version also introduced a new outfit for Kim, the Coast Outfit costing 30Key 001 and rereleased the Dive Outfit costing 15 Key 001. This version also introduced a new board, the third Sydney Special board - Ray. It costs 50,000Coin. The Weekly Hunt tokens are Boomerangs.

It was released on 4/21/2016.

Trivia Edit

  • It's the second time that Sydney was re-relased.
  • Sydney is (currently) the only location placed in Australia.
  • It's the first version that had a new special board for every release, first being Outback, second being Wave Rider and third being Ray.
  • This edition was released on the same day Prince, a legendary singer, passed away.
  • Wave Rider was supposed to make a reappearance in this edition.

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