Super Jackpots are extremely rare but yield 300,000 Coin. It is the rarest prize you can earn from the Super Mystery Box. Super Mystery boxes are generally earned after completing missions , collecting all the letters in the Daily Challenge , completing the Weekly Hunt, or collecting them during the Super Mystery Box Mania Events on Fridays. Like the Jackpot, you will see five rotating coin bags in the screen when you've earned a Super Jackpot.

Super Mega JackpotEdit

A Super Mega Jackpot is just as rare and holds 1,500,000 Coin. They are only available during the Mega Jackpot Event, which occurs for 24 hours. The best method to at least giving you a chance of getting this is by completing missions fast and spending your Tuesdays ensuring that you get as many Super Mystery Boxes or even just regular mystery boxes as possible. If your extremely lucky enough to hit this jackpot, then you would essentially have enough coins to fully upgrade your all powerups, buy almost if not all hoverboards, and buy some of the most expensive characters like Prince K and Brody.

Proven JackpotsEdit

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