Super Mysterizer
Super Mysterizer
Super Mysterizer
Name Super Mysterizer
Abilities Transforms into a random item
Special Can transform into Hoverboards, power-ups etc.

Super Mysterizer is an exclusive power-up that only appears on Mystery Mondays (aka every Monday). Like the Power Jumper, it only appears on the tracks and is unupgradable. When having contact with it, it transforms into something (See Abilities). They last for a limited time only. It first appeared in the New York 2014 edition and has been appearing in every edition after it.


It can transform into 4 different types of abilities, they include:

Trivia Edit

  • There were originally going to be 5 abilities, the fifth one would turn the player into a random surfer. But this never made it to the final game. This ability still exists in the game files.


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