Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box
Super Mystery Box
Cost N/A
Ability Better random prizes than Mystery Box
Earned By Doing missions, complete Daily Challenges
Activating Tapping on it

Super Mystery Box is a type of Mystery box that can't be bought or collected (except during the Super Mystery Box Mania Event), but can be unlocked by doing a whole mission set after you get Multiplier x30, finishing the Weekly Hunt (with the required rewards), completing  the Wordy Weekend challenges, and completing the Daily Challenge 5 days in a row or more. As it can be told already, the Super Mystery Box is a better or 'upgraded' version of the regular Mystery Box



  • Fresh's Radio Icon x3
  • Yutani's UFO Icon x3
  • Spike's Guitar Icon x3
  • TrickyHatIcon x3



Super Jackpot


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