Super Sneakers
Super Sneakers
Super Sneakers
Name Super Sneakers
Abilities Lets the character jumps higher
Special Coins below in the same row (when jumping and floating in the air) will be collected while passing over them.

The Super Sneakers is a power-up in Subway Surfers. When collected, the player wears them and starts bouncing in every step. The player can now jump on top of trains, and jump over obstacles they would usually have to roll under to dodge (i.e. Tallest Barriers). The bottom of the shoes can collect coins under them just like a magnet, allowing the player to collect coins under them without even touching them, you will also be able to collect other power ups when under those shoes. If the player collects a Jetpack before the sneakers run out, the shoes are saved, and they are not reactivated until the Jetpack runs out just like the hoverboards.



  • When you ride a Jetpack with the Super Sneakers, every coin you'll be collecting mid-air gives you 2 coins. See Cheat Guide for more info.
  • If you jump with the Super Sneakers when you are under a bridge, the roof of the bridge will avoid you from jumping any higher until you are out of the bridge.
    • If you jump with the Super Sneakers before reaching the bridge, you'll slam into the bridge and get caught by the Inspector. But if you were on a train, you could get on the bridge.
      • Occasionally, you might get stuck there, and the only thing you could do to get out of there is to swipe down. ) This action will be counted as stumbling, meaning that the inspector will be right behind you after that.
  • If you use the super sneakers and hoverboard at the exact same time, you will get something similar to the Bouncer hoverboard, but just some differences which are different type of hoverboards has two time limits. 
  • With the super sneakers, you could go to places you couldn't normally go, such as on top of tunnels, which is helpful in collecting Weekly Hunt tokens.
  • The shoes have a "upper going sign" which resembles the ability of the sneakers.
  • Before the London update, you were able to collect Weekly Hunt tokens from under the shoes without touching them.
    • However, after the London update, that ability was removed, making it harder to collect them.
    • You can still collect Keys and power-ups from under the shoes without touching them.
  • If you jump right after you collect the Super Sneakers, you will discover that your Character will jump very low.
    • Similarly, if you jump right when the sneakers wear out, you will jump very high without wearing the super sneakers, but you will fall very quickly too.
  • The Super Sneakers icon is slightly different from the ones to collect on the tracks.
  • This, the Power Jumper and the Jetpack are the only power-ups in the game that lets the character reach the sky.
    • While that, the Bouncer board is the only hoverboard to do so.
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