Tagbot's old design

Title Tagbot
Cost Coin 12,000
Tokens No
Outfit 1 Space Outfit
Cost Key 001 15
Outfit 2 Toy Outfit
Cost Key 001 30
Release Date 24 October 2012

Tagbot is a character that can be unlocked by purchasing it with Coin 12,000. It is the second cheapest buyable character in Subway Surfers, topped only by Lucy. Its first outfit, the Space Outfit, can be bought for Key 001 15. Its second outfit, the Toy Outfit, can be bought for Key 001 30.


Tagbot is a robot that wears a hat that is the same as Jake's. Its hat has the words "Sub Surf" on it. Tagbot is one of the few fastest characters in the game. During the Miami world tour, it received a redesign, giving it eyebrows. This was reverted back later.

Space Outfit

In Tagbot's Space Outfit, it has blue stripes and a satellite, slightly resembling R2D2 from Star Wars. It also has a few minor redesigns. It costs 15 Key 001.

Toy Outfit

In Tagbot's Toy Outfit, it is painted red and with buttons on his chest, and a twisting key, that players twist in order to make the toy move around. It costs 30 Key 001.


  • Tagbot was the first buyable character who received outfits.
  • Tagbot is the first robot in the game. The other being Boombot.
  • This also makes it the only non-human character in the game, excluding the inspector's dog.
  • Tagbot's Space costume slightly resembles R2-D2 from Star Wars because of the blue stripes and robot designs. The name of the outfit is also probably a reference to Star Wars as Star Wars is set in space.
  • Tagbot's head is removable, and is sometimes used as a basketball.


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