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Top Run:

If you obtain Diamond Rank, you will not earn progress towards the Gold Surfer Award. For evidence, I submit the original e-mail that I sent to Kiloo Games:

Hello to the folks at Kiloo Games,I'm writing this e-mail to make some suggestions to make the game more fun/interesting and to ask a question. Before I get to the suggestions, I do have a question regarding the latest update. Will getting into the weekly top run at the diamond level still allow me to make progress towards the Gold Surfer Award? It would be great if making the Diamond level counted as well since if it doesn't, then people will lose a week's worth of progress just because they updated to the latest version.As for my suggestion, here it is:Mystery Boxes: Mystery Boxes should pay out in a wider range of coins. As it stands now, Mystery Boxes pay out with the following:

  • 203-299 coins
  • 500 coins (breaking even)
  • 1,000+ coins (which is great)

With the current model, there's very little (outside of missions) incentive to purchase them. Why not have the mystery boxes pay out like this?

  • 200-400 coins
  • 500-1000 coins
  • 1,500-2,500+ coins

Then with this new system, Super Mystery boxes can start to pay out with a higher range (so as to avoid overlap):

3,000+ coins and higher

The Jackpots would stay the same under this new system since a) they're pretty rare to begin with and b) there's very little in the way of overlap between the two. I thank you so much for reading what ended up being a little bit on the long side.


A Subway Surfers Fan

Their response:


Thank you very much for the suggestion!
I have passed it on to the dev team.

Regarding the Award, we considered the situation, and decided to keep it working as it is now.
Which means you do not get credit for gold when you achieve diamond.

Just spreading the word. Due to their decision, everyone in the upper half of the gold rank last week lost a week. At some point, they may make an achievement for getting Diamond.



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