Olivia surfing on the Teleporter board

Title Teleporter
Cost 220,000Coin
Special Ability Zap Sideways
Board Upgrades
Upgrade 1 None
Cost None
Upgrade 2 None
Cost None
Teleporter is a hoverboard which is introduced in Paris 2014 edition. Its special ability is zapping sideways; that is, transporting from one lane to another instantaneously. This is mostly a cosmetic change. It has the appearance of a circular blue-black colored board.

History Edit

  • The Teleporter board was added to the game on 10/7/2014.
  • On 13/8/2014, it was able to be tried out for free in a Wild Wednesdays event.
  • On 29/4/2015, it was able to be tried out for free in a Wild Wednesdays event.

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of the boards (including special abilities only) which does not have upgrades.
  • In certain editions it was available for free trial during the Wild Wednesday event.
  • The design of it is heavily based on the Identity (or Light) Discs from Tron: Legacy.


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