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The Inspector
The inspector original outfit
The Inspector
Title The Inspector
Cost None (not for sale)
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The Inspector is a non-playable character in Subway Surfers. In the beginning of every game, he and his dog will look for trespassers around the subway. Whenever he would catch a character writing graffiti on one of the trains, he would chase him/her down the tracks until that character has ran into a train, barrier, pole, etc. If the character has only bumped into an obstacle, the inspector will appear on the screen, gaining on him/her; if the character crashes into an obstacle, he/she will be caught by the inspector, ending their run.


The Inspector looks like an overweight man in his fourties. He wears a olive green patrol jacket and a hat the same color. He also wears dark brown khakis with a visible black belt and black shoes. Throughout the holiday and world tour editions, he would receive a different outfit.


Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans/Subway Surfers World Tour: Transylvania: He was dressed in a Frankenstein's monster outfit and his dog was a skeleton.

Subway Surfers World Tour: London: He was dressed as Santa Claus and his dog as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Rome:He was dressed in an Easter Bunny suit.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Vancouver: He was dressed as a Mountie while his dog is brown.

Subway Surfers World Tour: New York: He was dressed as a NYPD Police Officer and his dog is a German Shepherd

Subway Surfers World Tour: Prague: He was dressed as a knight.



  • It is possible for the Inspector to be hit by a train. After bumping into an obstacle, run into a speeding train and he will be too ran over, along with his dog.
    • Sometimes, the Inspector's dog will survive the train.
  • Strangely, when getting caught, the inspector will land at the character from the air. Something similar happens when the character " bumps" on the side after they either finished the Jetpack or the Power Jumper.
  • No matter how long you run, the inspector will always catch you until the end.
  • The Inspector is the only character in the game that is unplayable (excluding his dog).
  • The Inspector is the oldest and the fattest character in the game making him the only adult in the game.
  • The Inspector has the most outfits in the game, with a new outfit each edition.
    • His outfits also change automatically, the player cannot change them by will.
  • The Inspector's fat body size can be a threat too as it blocks your view of what's coming at certain camera angles.
  • The Inspector's dog was never seen leaving his side ever in the game.
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