The Inspector's Dog
The Inspector's Dog
Title The Inspector's Dog
Cost None (not for sale)
Tokens None (not for sale)

The Inspector's Dog is a dog that belongs to the Inspector. It is the 1st non-human NPC in the game. Just like the Inspector, its appearance also changes according to the edition, but only for holiday editions. For example: during the New Orleans edition, it has the appearance of a living dog skeleton and during the London edition it was dressed up as a reindeer.

Physical appearance Edit

The Inspector's Dog appears to be a bull terrier with a red spiky collar, brown feet, and a male-like face shape.


  • It is possible for the Inspector and his dog to be hit by a train. After bumping into an obstacle, run into a speeding train and it will too be ran over.
    • Sometimes, it will survive the train.
  • The Inspector's Dog is a bull terrier in most editions, but it appears to be a German Shepherd in the New York edition.
    • It also appears to be mentioned as a Pitbull dog in the Subway Surfers description.
  • It's the 4th character with an unknown gender.


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