Beatrice "Tricky" Fairchild



Tricky heart outfit00


Title Tricky
Cost No
Tokens TrickyHatIcon x3
Outfit 1 Camo Outfit
Cost Key 00125
Outfit 2 Heart Outfit
Cost Key 00140
Release Date 24 May 2012
"A good friend, but not a good follower. Her analytical mind makes her the brainie of the Surfers, a real source of pride. Strives for perfection in everything she does, especially when it comes to break dancing and her precision skate tricks."

Source: Subway Surfers Official Website

Tricky is a character that can be unlocked by collecting 3 Tricky's Hat (TrickyHatIcon) tokens.


Tricky is a girl with a red beanie, black-squared specs, a cropped white tank top, a black belt, light-blue baggy jeans (sagging enough to show her underwear), blonde hair styled in pigtails, and shoes that look like Jake's. In the Subway Surfers: Christmas edition she had a limited alter-ego named Elf Tricky.

She also has two other outfits, which are the Camo Outfit and the Heart Outfit. They cost 25 and 40 Key 001, respectively.

In her Camo outfit, she wears black shades, a pale brown crop top and camo trousers with white sneakers. Her beanie changes to a slightly darker shade.

in her Heart outfit, she loses her glasses and wears turquoise ring earrings. She wears a cap and a white crop top with a Purple Heart on it. Her trousers also change to purple and she wears bracelets.


  • Tricky and Jake are the first characters in the game to receive outfits.
    • She is also the first token character to receive new outfits.
  • Tricky and Jake are always the only characters to appear on the loading screen.
    • She holds the limited exclusive board depending on the edition.
  • Tricky is the cheapest person to be unlocked in the game.
    • She requires the least tokens to be unlocked.
  • Her real name is Beatrice Fairchild as revealed in the animated series.


Character Dossier

Subway Surfers - Character Dossier - Tricky

Subway Surfers - Character Dossier - Tricky

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