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Trophies are collectibles in Subway Surfers. They are quite rare, and can only be collected from mystery boxes. Other than showing how lucky you are, they serve no use in the game (until Rome 2014 edition). You can find them at the 'Me' menu along with the characters selection and the hoverboards selection screen. At the start of the Rome 2014 edition, trophies were able to be received again multiple times due to the new Spraycan Awards introduced at that edition. There are 8 trophies in the game:

  • Gemstone
    Description: It belongs in a museum!
  • Gold Bar
    Description: Directly from Fort Knox.
  • Classy Clock
    Description: Show your style like Flavor Flav!
  • Dollar Chain
    Description: Bring something bling to the party.
  • The Paperweight
    Description: A little Gold Sapiens.
  • Headphones
    Description: Groove is in the heart.
  • Platinum Record
    Description: Bring the beat back!
  • Cassette Tape
    Description: Retro musicology.



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