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This article is about a limited event! To find out about the other events, click here!

The Weekly Hunt, similar to the Daily Challenge, is an event that requires the player to collect a certain amount of tokens to receive a prize. It was introduced to the game after the Egg Hunt in the Rome edition. The deadline for each challenge, as the title says, is one week (Sometimes, the deadline is 2 weeks instead of 1, according to the New Orleans update) . The tokens needed to be collected differ each edition. For example: For Subway Surfers World Tour: Tokyo, Japanese keychains are needed to be collected, while pumpkins are needed to be collected in Subway Surfers World Tour: New Orleans, however, they serve the same purpose. There are 4 challenges per edition (now it has been changed to 3 challenges). Each challenge requires the player to collect a different amount of tokens, the higher the amount the tokens needed, the better the prize.



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