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Title Yutani
Cost No
Tokens Yutani's UFO Icon x500

Yutani is a character that can be unlocked by collecting 500 Yutani UFO's ( Yutani's UFO Icon ) tokens. It's said that Yutani is the hardest character to get, as it requires the most tokens among the other token characters.


Yutani looks like a girl in an alien suit, the alien suit is green with spots at the bottom, with 2 antenae, 2 large eyes, and 4 arms. The upper arms are the real arms and the lower arms are just part of the suit. Many people have believed Yutani is a boy, and others think Yutani is a girl. It's most likely that Yutani is a female, as all of the male characters as far as we know doesn't have sticked-out eyelashes, but Yutani does. 


  • Among all the characters that requires tokens to unlock, Yutani requires the most tokens to be collected.
  • Yutani is currently the only token character to not receive her own new outfits yet.
  • Yutani may be a reference to the Weyland-Yutani cooperation from Aliens Vs Predators.


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