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Title Yutani
Cost No
Tokens Yutani's UFO Icon x500

Yutani is a character that can be unlocked by collecting 500 Yutani UFO's (Yutani's UFO Icon) tokens. It's said that Yutani is the hardest character to get, as it requires the most tokens among the other token characters.


Yutani looks like a girl in an alien suit, the alien suit is green with spots at the bottom, with 2 antenae, 2 large eyes, and 4 arms. The upper arms are the real arms and the lower arms are just part of the suit. Many people have believed Yutani is a boy, and others think Yutani is a girl. It's most likely that Yutani is a female, as all of the male characters as far as we know doesn't have sticked-out eyelashes, but Yutani does. 


  • Among all the characters that requires tokens to unlock, Yutani requires the most tokens to be collected.
  • Yutani is currently the only token character to not receive her own new outfits yet.
  • Yutani may be a reference to the Weyland-Yutani cooperation from Aliens Vs Predators.


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