City Outfit

Title Outfits
Cost Coin 95,000
Tokens None
Outfit 1 City Outfit
Cost Key 001 15
Outfit 2 None
Cost None
Release Date Version 1.45.0 (September 24, 2015)

Zuri is a Kenyan girl that appears as a limited & exclusive character for Subway Surfers World Tour: Kenya. She is the twenty-eighth limited character in the Subway Surfers World Tour series, and the thirtieth in total. She can be purchased with 95,000Coin, just like all other limited characters. Her first outfit, the City Outfit, can be purchased with Key 001 15.


She wears a red dress with blue and white decorations. On her forehead, she has a yellow, red and green headdress with white strings hanging over her forehead.

In her City Outfit, she has a modern haircut, pink lipstick and gold earrings. She wears a blue shirt which exposes her belly button, golden pants and pink, green and blue sneakers.


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